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R35 of 2019 – Madibeng Local Municipality

Proclamation Number:

R35 of 2019

Department or State institution:

Madibeng Local Municipality

Type of Report:


Date Report Submitted:



1. The procurement of or contracting for goods, works or services by or on behalf of the Municipality and payments which were made in respect thereof and any related unauthorised, irregular or fruitless and wasteful expenditure
incurred by the Municipality or the State in relation to the appointment of a service provider in terms of a maintenance lease agreement for a period of 36 months in respect of the Municipality’s pool vehicles.

2. Any undisclosed or unauthorised interests which the personnel of the Municipality or the State may have had in contractors, suppliers or service providers bidding for work or doing business with the Municipality or to whom
contracts were awarded by the Municipality and the extent of any actual or potential benefits derived directly or indirectly by the personnel of the Municipality or their family members from such undisclosed or unauthorised

3. Any unlawful or improper conduct by the councillors, officials or employees of the Municipality or applicable contractors, suppliers or service providers, or any other person or entity in relation to the allegations set out in
paragraphs 1 and 2 above.