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SIU investigations at Fort Hare University are ongoing, focused on ensuring credible outcome

The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) has noted media reports on allegations that are currently being
investigated by SIU at the University of Fort Hare. On 19 March 2023, the Sunday Times and Times
Live reported on what it terms, “the SIU investigations found”.

The investigations are ongoing, and the SIU will always ensure that the integrity of its investigations
is upheld and protected. The SIU will communicate investigations outcomes and consequence
management with the media and public when there are any.

Though the SIU appreciates the media and public interest on the investigations, public reporting
and speculation on ongoing investigations have a potential to prejudice the investigations.

Like all its investigations, the SIU remains focused on ensuring a credible outcome of the
investigations. As it is required, any findings made will have to be supported by evidence and follow
a legal process before any consequences on anyone or any institution are required to be acted
upon. Legal process requires that anyone implicated should be given a right to be heard and to
reply before finalising the findings and requiring consequence management.

Fraud and corruption allegations may be reported via the following platforms: / Hotline: 0800 037 774.
Enquiries: Mr Kaizer Kganyago
Head of Stakeholder Relations and Communications
Special Investigation Unit
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