VISION: "The State's preferred and trusted forensic investigation and litigation agency."    MISSION: "We are the State's preferred provider of forensic investigation and litigation services working together with other agencies in the fight to eradicate corruption, malpractice and maladministration society."




RFP:043/03/2019Provision of Medical Scheme ServicesClosed on 01 April 2019 @ 11h00PDF
RFP: 002/01/2019Provision of Office Space- Durban (within Durban and/or surrounding areas with acceptable radius outside Durban CBD not exceeding 40 km)Closed on 22 February 2019 @ 11h00PDF
RFP: 005/11/2018Provision of Short-term Insurance and/or Brokerage ServicesClosed on 14 December 2018 @ 11h00PDF
RFP: 001/08/2018Office Accommodation - PolokwaneClosed on 23 October 2018 @ 11h00PDF
RFP: 030/08/2018Travel Management Service Closed on 11 September 2018PDF
RFP: 001/08/2018Provision of Office Accommodation -PolokwaneClosed on 21 August 2018 @ 11h00PDF
RFP: 002/08/2018Provision of Office Accommodation - DurbanClosed on 21 August 2018 @ 11h00PDF
RFP: 019/12/2017 Panel of Recruitment agenciesClosed on 29 June 2018 @ 11h00LINK
RFP: 010/10/2017Panel of ExpertsClosed on 29 June 2018 @ 11h00LINK
RFP: 063/06/2017Internal Audit Services in a Co-Sourced CapacityClosed on 06 October 2017 @ 11h00PDF
RFP: 043/04/2016Review of Organisational StructureClosed on 06 February 2017 @ 11h00PDF
RFP: 0043/04/2016Review of Organisational StructureClosed on 01 August 2016 @ 11h00PDF
RFP: 0035/04/2016Provision of Quantity SurveyingClosed on 04 October 2016 @ 11h00PDF



RFP: 063/06/2017Internal Audit ServicesPDF
RFP: 30/08/2018Provision of Travel Management ServicesPDF
RFP: 001/07/2018Provision of office accommodation for PolokwanePDF
RFP: 043/05/2016Review of Organizational StructurePDF
RFP: 07/10/2016SIU Bloemfontein Office AccommodationPDF
RFP: 03/05/2016SIU Mahikeng Office AccommodationPDF
RFP: 02/03/2015SIU Nelspruit Office AccommodationPDF