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Advocate Andy Mothibi

Adv. JL Andy Mothibi Head and Chief Executive Special Investigating Unit, South Africa

The Head of the Special Investigating Unit (SIU), Adv. Lekgoa Mothibi was appointed by the President of South Africa with effect from May 2016. He is tasked with leading the SIU to execute its mandate to investigate Maladministration, Malpractice and Corruption within the State Institutions and the Private Sector as authorised by Proclamations issued by the President of South Africa. The ultimate goal is to recover money and assets lost by State Institutions and to refer perpetrators for prosecution and responsible officials for disciplinary action. To realise this mandate, he introduced and implemented an organisational turnaround strategy that internally puts premium on improved performance, effective processes, effective systems and people management. The new strategy also focusses on ethical leadership, clean governance and building strategic partnerships.

His professional journey prior to 2016 has culminated into the outstanding qualities and values that he is portraying.

In October 2013, Adv. Mothibi was appointed as an Executive Director at Medscheme Holding a subsidiary of AfroCentric Health. The role included leading Group Legal Services, Group Governance, Group Risk and Compliance. Internal Audit also reported to him. He was also accountable for the Medscheme Road Accident Fund Business Unit.

At AfroCentric Group, he championed a successful implementation of the AfroCentric Enterprise Risk Management Framework. One of the key initiatives was the reorganisation of the Group Forensic Investigations Business Unit, which improved forensic investigations capability and recoveries.

In 2005, he was appointed the Head of Compliance at South African Airways (SAA). After completing the implementation of SAA Enterprise and Compliance Risk Management Framework, he was appointed at Nedbank as Senior Manager Enterprise Risk Management in 2007. Within six months at Nedbank, he was appointed as General Manager Group Operational Risk Management. At Nedbank he successfully led and completed the implementation of Basel II Operational Risk Management Framework (Basel II ORMF) which led to significant Operational Risk Capital saving for the Group.

In 2012 he was appointed at Standard Bank as Head of Operational Risk for Standard Bank of South Africa. After successful implementation of Basel II ORMF, he was appointed to Head Standard Bank Group Operational Risk Management. Basel II ORMF implementation entailed assessing operational risks which included development of Anti-Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering Scenarios. This led to significant Operational Risk Capital saving for the Group.

Adv. Mothibi started his career as a Public Prosecutor in the Magistrates and Regional Courts in the Johannesburg and Soweto Magistrates Courts. He also served on the bench as a Magistrate in the Johannesburg and Soweto Magistrates Courts. He was appointed to Head Employee Relations at the then Department of Finance in 1995. He was part of a Project that worked on the establishment of the South African Revenue Service (SARS). At SARS, he also served in the roles of the Head of Corporate Legal Services and the Head of Governance / Chief Governance Officer.

He strives for a corruption free South Africa, making a meaningful impact in the public sector, private sector and society by ensuring accountability and consequence management for wrongdoers in all tiers of government inclusive of those private sector parties involved in the wrongdoing.

Adv Mothibi is a member of the Executive Committee of the Institute of Risk Management of South Africa.

Adv Mothibi is the Chairperson of the SADC Anti-Corruption Sub-Committee.