VISION: "The State's preferred and trusted forensic investigation and litigation agency."    MISSION: "We are the State's preferred provider of forensic investigation and litigation services working together with other agencies in the fight to eradicate corruption, malpractice and maladministration society."



The SIU’s Values reflect traits or qualities that represent the requirements of the Constitution of South Africa, in particular Chapter 10 – Public Administration and Batho Pele principles. This emphasizes certain basic values and principles governing Public Administration and requires that Public Administration be governed by the democratic values and principles enshrined in the Constitution. The SIU’s values are grounded in strong ethical considerations. Furthermore, the war on corruption, malpractice and maladministration cannot be won by agencies that have in their midst individuals that do not espouse sound values. As a result, SIU staff members are required to maintain the highest standards of proper conduct and integrity at all times and to ensure that there is no doubt as to what is required.

To this end, the SIU has developed a set of core values. The SIU’s value statements (in direct alignment with the Batho Pele principles) are reflected in the table below:

All SIU employees are consistently encouraged to live the SIU’s values in all that they do. The SIU will continue to encourage staff to do so until such time as the values form an integral part of the work life of all staff at the SIU. Regular communication sessions will continue to be held detailing the SIU’s purpose, mandate, role, functions and ways of working. This will ensure that the SIU’s strategy and values remain relevant and become firmly institutionalised.