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R10 of 2018 -KZN Department of Correctional Services (DCS)

Proclamation Number:

R10 of 2018

Department or State institution:

KZN Department of Correctional Services (DCS)

Type of Report:


Date Report Submitted:



1. The procurement of or contracting for goods, works or services by or on behalf of the Department in respect of perishable provisions, food, toiletries, catering, marquee hire and coal in respect of the following tenders: KZN 6/2012 coal peas; KZN 8/2012 toilet soap and toothpaste; KZN 9/2012 maize meal and milk powder; KZN 21/2013 perishable provisions Stanger Correctional Centre; KZN 22/2013 perishable provisions Port Shepstone Correctional Centre; KZN 5/2014 bread Empangeni, Glencoe and Ncome; KZN 6/2014 bread Kokstad and Pietermaritzburg; KZN 10/2014 beef and poultry halaal Kokstad; KZN 15/2014 perishable provisions Ncome; KZN 16/2014 perishable provisions Empangeni; KZN 17/2014 perishable provisions Kokstad; KZN 19/2014 perishable provisions Pietermaritzburg; KZN 25/2014 dishwashing liquid and green soap; KZN 31/2014 perishable provisions Empangeni; KZN 32/2014 perishable provisions; KZN 17/2015 maize meal all management areas; KZN 19/2015 bread Empangeni; KZN 33/2015 perishable provisions Kokstad; KZN 38/2015 perishable provisions; catering and marquee hire in respect of the Regional Freedom Day and Farewell of AC Durban 29/04/15; Launch of 2015/16 Operational Vala 27/11/15; Long Service Recognition Ceremony 15/10/15; 4th Quarterly Security Operational Work Session 5-7/5/15; and catering for an event held on 23/6/15 – for correctional facilities located within KZN and payments made in respect thereof in a manner that was a) not fair, competitive, transparent, equitable or cost-effective; or b) contrary to applicable i) legislation; ii) manuals, guidelines, practice notes, circulars or instructions issued by the National Treasury or the relevant Provincial Treasury; iii) manuals, policies, procedures, prescripts, instructions or practices of or applicable to the Department; c) fraudulent; d) conducted or facilitated by the manipulation of the Department’s SCM processes i) by service providers; and ii) in collusion with or through the intervention of employees of the Department, to corruptly or unduly benefit themselves, and any related irregular or fruitless and wasteful expenditure incurred by the Department in relation to the above.