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R19 of 2018 – South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)

Proclamation Number:

R19 of 2018

Department or State institution:

South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)

Type of Report:


Date Report Submitted:



1. The procurement of, or contracting for goods, works or services by or on behalf of the SABC from Lornavision (Pty) Ltd, Vision View Productions CC, Sekela Xabiso CA Incorporated, Lezaf Consulting CC, Gekkonomix (Pty) Ltd (trading as Infonomix), Asante Sana (Pty) Ltd, Foxton Communicating (Pty) Ltd and Mott Macdonald (Pty) Ltd and Mafoko Security Patrols (Pty) Ltd and payments made in respect thereof in a manner that was (a) not fair, equitable, transparent, competitive or cost-effective; (b) contrary to applicable (i) legislation; (ii) manuals, guidelines, circulars, practice notes or instructions issued by the National Treasury; or (iii) manuals, policies, procedures, prescripts, instructions or practices of or applicable to the SABC;
2. Maladministration in the affairs of the SABC and any losses or prejudice suffered by the SABC or the State as a result of such maladministration in relation to (a) the mismanagement of the finances, rights, assets or liabilities of the SABC; (b) the selling of assets or rights which were owned by the SABC which was not to the advantage of the SABC; (c) business transactions that were concluded by or on behalf of the SABC and which were not viable or to the advantage of the SABC; (d) the irregular appointment and promotion of staff; or (e) the payment of salaries, increases, bonuses and other forms of remuneration that were not due, owing or payable or were made in a manner that was contrary to applicable (i) legislation; or (ii) manuals, policies, procedures, directives, instructions or practices of or applicable to the SABC, including the causes of such maladministration and any related unauthorised, irregular or fruitless and wasteful expenditure incurred by the SABC or the State.
3. Any undisclosed or unauthorised interest that certain members of the personnel of the SABC may have had with regard to (a) contractors, suppliers or service providers who bid for work or did business with the SABC; or (b) contracts awarded by or on behalf of the SABC.”