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R36 of 2017 – Alfred Nzo District Municipality

Proclamation Number:

R36 of 2017

Department or State institution:

Alfred Nzo District Municipality

Type of Report:


Date Report Submitted:



1. The procurement of, or contracting for, six trucks, six sprinkler water tankers and three jet vacuum tanks, by or on behalf of the DM and payments made in respect thereof in a manner that was (a) not fair, equitable, transparent, competitive or cost-effective; (b) contrary to applicable (i) legislation; (ii) manuals, guidelines, practice notes, circulars, or instructions issued by the National Treasury or the relevant Treasury; or (iii) manuals, policies, procedures, prescripts, instructions or practices of or applicable to the DM, any related unauthorised, irregular or fruitless and wasteful expenditure incurred by the DM or the State.
3. Any improper or unlawful conduct by the councillors, officials or employees of the DM or the applicable contractors, suppliers or service providers or any other person or entity, in relation to the allegations set out in para 1 of this Schedule.