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SIU authorised to investigate allegations of corruption and maladministration at Umgeni Water Board

President Cyril Ramaphosa has signed a new proclamation authorising the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) to investigate allegations of corruption and maladministration in the affairs of the Umgeni Water Board (UWB), KwaZulu Natal, and to recover any financial losses suffered by the State through corruption and negligence.

The SIU is empowered by Proclamation 122 of 2023 to investigate two contracts at the UWB. The first is a contract for security and guarding services, and the second tender relates to Social Facilitation and Community Engagement for the UWB Infrastructure Projects for a period of five years.

The SIU will investigate unauthorised, irregular, or fruitless and wasteful expenditure incurred by the UWB in relation to the mentioned contracts. Furthermore, the investigation will delve into any improper or unlawful conduct by officials or employees of the UWB or the State, the applicable service providers, or any other person or entity in relation to the allegations.

The proclamation covers allegations of unlawful and improper conduct that took place between 01 March 2018 and 2 June 2023, the date of the publication of the Proclamation or before 01 March 2018 and after the date of the Proclamation that are relevant to, connected with, incidental to the matters or involves the same persons, entities or contracts investigated.

The SIU is empowered to institute civil action in the High Court or a Special Tribunal in its name, to correct any wrongdoing uncovered during its investigations caused by acts of corruption, fraud, or
maladministration. In line with the Special Investigating Units and Special Tribunals Act 74 of 1996, the SIU will refer any evidence pointing to criminal conduct it uncovers to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) for further action.

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